Pre - order your official step3prophet t-shirt. 

Please get in touch if you want to to get your hands on our 

original design T-shirts, inspired by the title track to

our debut album 'The spanner of consciousness'

or our 'journey to the centre of the slime' shirts designed by the wonderful Mimi Seery

All T-shirts are €20 inc VAT except where stated, plus an post shipping

to pre order, send us a DM/Mail us the following information:

Quantity(because there are more than 1 days in the week!)

Mens or women's

Size (Smalll to extra large)

which T-shirt would you like - see 5 options below

1: Step3prophet logo

The monster in spanner form

2: Spanner of evolution

'I didn't;t evolve from no damn dirty monkey wrench'

3:Spanner of evolution +

Step3prophet logo on back €28

4: Journey to the centre of the slime

White print on black t-shirt

5:Journey the centre of the slime

Black print on white t-shirt

Shipping from September 2021. we will mail you when available. Merch will be sold on Bandcamp

Nodman album on Vinyl €15 

Plus Postage

Nodmans self produced eponymous debut is an eclectic  mix of Indie rock, punk, Electro/swing and Hip hop, and features Monster's debut versus on 'Batten Down' . 

Please contact Nodman directly to Order limited edition blue 180g Vinyl