Journey to the centre of the slime


'Beyond the Vale' our 1st release, Video out now on YouTube (Link) 

ABOUT Step3Prophet

It started with a jam, Monster Vs Nodman. The result: a track called 'Deranged man'.  But we carried on anyway. 

Of late, Nodman(Kieran Coleman) has teamed up with his college friend Monster(Johnathan Coffey) to collaborate on an new album, this time with Monster taking most of the vocal duties, Lashing out angst driven spoken word and rap over alternative hip hop /Drum and bass. Monster also laid down some vocals on ' Batten down' on Nodman's eponymous debut.

Once again they have worked with Mark Flanagan on trumpet and general guidance, and Aliona Sokurova on Backing vocals. Morgan O'Brien helped with the mixing process for 'Nodman' and this time around he will also take on the duties of mastering, and bring some programming/Drums/Keys/Trombone to our live sets. 

Mobri 's music can be found here. We are looking forward to bringing both projects together in a live setting.

Maria Coleman & Paul Gallagher added soulful vocals and guitar to 'Slime Brothers'.  A taste of our work together can be found soundcloud and youtube

A really big thanks to Noel Gannon and Derek Keenan for your Camera work, and to Ed Smyth for his drone footage on 'Fall on the alarm' (coming soon).

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